An AOL mail is a web based and free email service brought to you by AOL. It is sometimes called AIM Mail. AIM actually stands for AOL Instant Messenger. To be clear, this is actually the instant messaging service by AOL. During the summer of 2012, AOL got a new look. This was one of the first few significant alterations that it has done over the years.

Free of charge, getting access to an AOL mail login provides you with any of the following features. You get unlimited email storage. You can attach files and documents in your email up to 25 megabytes. Your account can expire only after 90 days if you are inactive. You have supported protocols of IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. You can connect your other email accounts for providers of emails like Hotmail and Gmail. You can see advertisements on display in your email. You can find embedded links in emails automatically disabled (and can just be activated again). You get protected from spam and viruses. You get to perform spell checking on your emails before sending them. You get access to your complete AOL buddy list using the AIM Panel that shows whether your buddies are online or not, including web site shortcuts that are popular and sponsored by AOL. You can unsend emails to other AIM or AOL mailboxes. You get access to domains besides like,,, and Finally, you get support for http/SSL once you log in.

If you would like to find out how to get access to your mail login, simply follow the straightforward procedures found below:

(1) Type on the web browser of your choice like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Look for and click the icon, which shows a mail image. Alternatively, you can click the “SIGN IN | SIGN UP” hyperlink seen in the right portion of the web page. login

(2) Next you will be brought to the login page. One alternative is to just go straight to

aol mail

(3) Type your Username or Email in the initial field. Next, type in your password in second field, the Password field. Afterwards, click the blue “Sign In” button in order to access you my mail.

(4) No matter what happens, if you accidentally forget the password you put in, just click the “Forgot password” blue hyperlink seen next the two fields for logging in. mail login

(5) If you want to reset, AOL will allow you to go through the process of resetting your mail login. Before you begin, AOL will ask a few things from you. This is to ensure that you account is kept secure. First, type your Username or Email. Type in the characters you see to prove a robot you are not. Lastly, click the blue “Next” button. mail login

(6) If need a username at AOL that is free and new, merely follow these processes beginning with the web site or go straight through by clicking the blue hyperlink found below the blue button, “Sign In,” specifically the “Get a Free Username.”

aol mail login

Interestingly enough, there is an AOL email program entitled AOL Project Phoenix, created and designed by AOL. This new email program has in it a Quick Bar where email, texts, and AIM messages may be sent to a particular individual/s. It also gives people the ability to send to five accounts maximum. This also has a search feature, which can load pictures, dates, attachments, and addresses coming from email messages. Previously, while it was in its testing phase, it was only accessible through invitation only. In September 2011, unfortunately, AOL ceased its work with Project Phoenix.

There are actually many benefits to getting an AOL name, such as:

• Moviefone – the main place in the Internet for movie news, movie trailers, celebrity interviews, show times, and a lot more
• MapQuest Discover – aids inspiring your weekends, afternoons, and trips for the week
• GPS for the Soul – measures stress through the utilization of substitutes and aids you in providing you with breathing exercises, music, and images
• – shows the most popular Internet online games such as Cubis, Jewel Quest, Hearts, and Solitaire.
• Free Scan’s Assist – searches for errors, viruses, and checks for challenges that could slow down your computer by using a free and fast computer scan
• Daily Finance – keeps tracks of all of your finances in real time and all in one place
• MyBenefits Toolbar – offers immediate access to benefits like email, weather, news, and an Advantage Plan
• All-In-One Desktop Software – all in one experience offering browsing, instant messaging, email, content, search, and connectivity through dial up
• AOL Travel – aids in finding and booking deals, trips, or receive inputs on hotels, airlines, and destinations
• AOL Reader – manages blogs, news, and feeds all in one place and works well with mobile devices, computers, and tablets
• AOL Radio – gives the ability to listen to more than 200 radio stations online or creating your own tunes coming from varying genres, including ESPN Radio and ABC News; powered by SLACKER
• AOL On – puts together 14 channels according to topics that are of interest to many persons
• AOL Mobile – shows all of the mobile sites and applications coming from AOL. Just get the mobile device as well as a site list as well as mobile app list will come up
• AOL Jobs – a job search utilizing resources to aid in career transitioning
• AIM – messaging